About Stop Cybercrime from Ruining Your Life


Stop Cyber Crime from Ruining Your Life! Sixty Secrets to Keep You Safe is an essential new guide to cybercrime that uses a casual tone to demystify the subject while teaching readers about the very real dangers of cyber-thieves and predators. This easy-to-read, useful, non-technical book offers simple rules and tools that protect readers and their loved ones from losing everything to cybercriminals. This new resource by Cynthia James makes protection as painless as possible while ensuring we learn the basics of cybercrime so we can dodge costly mistakes that can leave us vulnerable.

What do cybercriminals have in mind for you today? How vulnerable are your finances? How many of your favorite web destinations will be infected this year? How safe are your kids? What sneak attacks are schools, churches, and charities most vulnerable to?

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Read Stop Cyber Crime to learn:

  • why you are under attack every time you connect to the internet
  • how to become 300% safer – in just 10 minutes a day
  • what your level of financial risk is
  • how to keep your children safe
  • how Americans lost over $50 million in 2012 to online dating scams
  • everything you stand to lose to cybercriminals
  • about hacktivists and money-mules
  • what we have to fear from cyber-terrorists

The economic effect of cybercrime:

  • why the U.S. government will pay $21 billion to cybercriminals in the next four years
  • how cybercriminals are putting employers out of business (and what we can do)
  • what’s happening to schools, charities and churches everywhere

The author: Cynthia James is an executive at one of the top anti-cybercrime companies in the world and has over twenty-three years of high-tech experience. She speaks and writes extensively on cybercrime topics and possesses one of the most rigorous security certifications (CISSP, Certified Information Systems Security Professional). Cynthia wrote Stop Cyber Crime to address the gap between the complexities of the cybercrime environment and the average person’s need for simplified information. She lives in Silicon Valley with her two children and various pets.