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Our beloved Macs and the hidden costs of cybercrime

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

When it comes to the “religion” of Apple, I’m an infidel.  But, I appreciate passionate attachments to anything – after all, they give us “raison d’etre“.  Plus some of my closest friends have been deeply in love with their Macs for decades.  And as surely is obvious by now, Apple cracked the code on “user friendly” way back when most nerds were still trying to keep those riff-raff off their grid.

Unfortunately, I started in high tech working with Unix on PCs, which is as nerdy as you can get, and pretty far from friendly fruits like the Macintosh.  Also, among our engineers, the idea of an intuitive interface was somewhat scorned.  First of all, why would you need one?  They were for dummies!  Second, in those days – an understandable prejudice on their part, I think – the more we made things easier for non-technical users, the more we had to limit their choices.  Coaxing a computer to “deposit these funds over there” over a modem was hard enough (computers were comparative dummies in those days too); thinking thru a million other possible banking needs a consumer might have – that was an impossible dream.  Drive to the damn bank already!  And in those rather dark ages – at The Santa Cruz Operation in 1988 – there was no thought at all about the other problem: considering every mistake dumb users might make.

I mention this because even though we finally ARE thinking about security on the web, it is STILL over-whelming to accommodate all the mistakes that a user like Mary Jo Redneck may make as she attempts to place an on-line order at Walmart for jerky and beer .